A collection of videos that cover a broad range of issues related to my research. Scroll down the page to see them all.

Seminar, 7 May 2021, “Decision criteria for Benefit: Cost Analysis: A world of confusion”, 33 minutes plus 20 minutes of questions and discussion.

Overview of my UWA course on Applied Benefit: Cost Analysis

“Agriculture, Economics and Nature” (3:46). Introduction and overview of free online course, which is available on To enrol in the next round of the course, go to


“Uncovering the economics of water-sensitive cities” (13:50). Interview about key economic principle to be aware of when evaluating investments in water-related projects (or indeed any environmental or natural-resource project).


“Understanding the costs and benefits of fire management strategies” (5:36). Outline of economics research conducted for the Bushfire CRC.


“INFFER: Investment Framework for Environmental Resources” (2:57). Introduction to INFFER and interview with a user.


“Understanding practice change by rural landholders” (8:38). From a national workshop of that title in Melbourne.


“Policy perspectives on rural practice change” (10:02). From the same national workshop on rural practice change. Includes an outline of the Public: Private Benefits Framework.


“Economics of green infrastructure in cities” (35:57). Presentation at Department of Water.